Finalized projects:

  • Donation of books and audio materials to the Haitian-Canadian College for English courses.
  • Donation to doctors of medical reference books and test kits for the detection of venereal diseases.
  • Granting of scholarships to five forth year students of the Haitian-Canadian College.

These scholarships will be for a period of four years until graduation.

Projects in consideration:

  • Improvement of premises and equipment in the science and computer laboratories of the Haitian-Canadian College.
  • Improving the lighting of the College library by using green energy.
  • Humanitarian projects related to education anywhere in the country.


This award is based on two unsigned commitments that are more valuable than a piece of paper. It is a tacit commitment that you take in complete freedom: The 1st is to commit you to generosity, when you have the opportunity to do so. And it's going to happen, because it's a country that is in great need of generosity. You will always find people who need your support.  The 2nd is your responsibility to pass on this generosity to others and ask them to continue the chain of transmission. The association works to keep the torch of excellence high. Well done!!!

―Kesnel Vertil, Adviser

It's always good to say thank you. The greatest thanks we have today is success. That is why we want to support you to the end. The monthly payments we made to the College are little more than what we received in return. Thanks to this, we are proud of who we are today. This excellence scholarship program is the best way to give back and to say thank you to CCH which has taught us academic, human and civic values; values very important to us and we want you to know that.

―Harry Cadet, Adviser

On behalf of the Canadian-Haitian College, I ask you to convey my thanks to the members of the association who kindly returned to Alma Mater to help their little brothers. I think it is a good gesture of solidarity, a value that is now disappearing. Seeing people like you who believe in these values that you have shared in Canado and that you want to continue to convey; it is an extraordinary thing and we congratulate and appreciate you. And to you dear young people who benefit from the subsidy of your elders, now I encourage you to never forget that solidarity is an important thing for CCH and that each of us must remain united in our world. When after 30 years, after 40 years you will be a doctor, engineer or whatever profession you have embraced, I hope that everyone will succeed, do not forget that there will be students like you who would have liked to be encouraged in their work, so this is a mission that you have. Now your job as a student is to never lose the level you have now. On the contrary, you have to go further...

―Brother Augustin Nelson, Director of CCH