The Canadian-Haitian College (CCH) is led by the congregation of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart, which has as its main mission, the Christian education of youth. It is currently present in 32 countries around the world.

At the request of the Church of Haiti and the Government of Elie Lescot , this congregation settled and opened its first schools in 1943 in Les Cayes (Sacred Heart), in 1944 in Miragôane (Our Lady of Perpetual Relief), in 1951 at the bicentenary (Pope John XXIII) and in 1965 in Turgeau (St. John the Evangelist).  

In 1967, the Sacred Heart Brothers began construction of the Canado-Haitian College (CCH) and the Canado technical Center (Canado-Technique). In October 1969, CCH welcomed its first cohort and has continued to provide quality education to Haitian youth ever since.

Throughout the history of the CCH, great accomplished professionals, politicians, entrepreneurs, intellectuals, sportsmen, art … renowned writers have come out of its walls: the immortal Dany Laferrière (writer and member of the French Academy), Gary Victor (writer), Albert Desmangles (painter), Claude Marcelin and Philippe (Toto) Laraque (musicians), Skal Labissière (NBA player)… to name a few. 

For more than 50 years, the CCH has been encouraging its students to aim for the Excelsior, as its Motto: Higher, Stronger, Further.