About Us

Collège Canado-Haïtien Promotion 79-80 INC. (Canado 79-80) is a non-profit association founded in September 2020 by former classmates and friends of the class of 1979-80.  This association is registered in the United States in the state of Florida and is exempt from tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC).  

The members of the current Board are: Dominique Augustin, Nadia Bélancourt, Jean Mario Jean-Louis, Yves Merveille and Jean Vianney Michel. 

The association works in conjunction with two advisors Harry Cadet and Kesnel Vertil, and a representative of the association within the Canadian-Haitian College, Woody Cassy.

When necessary, the Board calls on other members, according to their expertise, to ensure the proper functionning of the association.


The association’s mission is to give back to our Alma Mater in a systematic way with the optimal aim of helping others through educational and humanitarian projects.  


  • Respect
  • Commitment
  • Solidarity


  • Renew the friendly relations between us
  • Promote the projects of our former classmates
  • Show our gratitude to our former teachers
  • Support Canado-Haitian College
  • Maintain our patriotic spirit towards Haïti


This code of ethics is a set of principles or values that guide the actions of the Association.